Strength Training for Judo eBook (by Matt D’Aquino)


  • Over 70 exercises with step by step photos
  • 21 Judo specific strength training programs for all ability levels
  • Injury prevention exercises
  • Bonus Speed & Agility for Judo eBook
  • Bonus Explosive Medicine ball drills for Judo



  The Thrill of Agony and Defeat (by Bob Willingham)


Beautiful quality hardback book with over 288 pages and over 270 photographs containing interviews with 36 of the 2004 Athens Olympics Judo medallists reliving their experiences.






Winning on the Ground (by Dr. AnnMaria De Mars)

Includes detailed discussion of the following:

  • six secrets to better mat work (and mistakes to avoid)
  • coaching tips from the authors
  • a dozen quick ways to gain an opponent’s submission
  • how to do the perfect armbar and half nelson
  • smarter training: drills for connecting techniques for the win




Workouts for Judo (by Matt D’Aquino)

This eBook covers Judo specific workouts that will develop speed, explosiveness, fitness and the strength needed to do Judo either at the state, national or international level.










The Grip Fighting Workshop (By Georgi Georgiev)

A DVD download covering all aspect of Grip fighting for Judo, BJJ and Sambo.




Judo Training at Home DVD series

Learn how to train judo at home with a stack of solo drills, movements and positioning drills.








La Prepa Physique Judo


A french book covering all forms of physical preparation for Judo players.

a richesse du Judo ne s’exprime pas uniquement techniquement et culturellement.

Aussi quel que soit son âge, ses objectifs ou son niveau, le judoka en quête de progrès ne saurait faire l’économie d’une préparation physique tant préventive que performante.




Kumikata Judo (In greek)


A free handbook outlining various aspects of gripping for competition. This eBook also includes great photos of a variety of techniques.





The Complete Guide to the Grappling Dummy (by Matt D’Aquino)

This eBook will give you the tools needed to get the most out of your grappling dummy, resulting in you becoming a more complete Judo player.

This manaul contains over 100 techniques for Judo, BJJ and MMA. Armbars, drills, throws and takedown this manual truly has it all.



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