We need three types of contributions for the magazine content:
Articles – It includes various Judo related news important to the Judo community.
Tutorials – Judo, BJJ, MMA and Self Defence articles are all welcome (as long as you provide good quality images to go along with the article)
Artwork – High quality images or photos for showcasing in every issue.
The focus of Love Judo magazine is to bring high quality learning content for all types of Judoka. The Love Judo magazine provides learning and Judo related content such as News, articles, tutorials, nutrition, health and other informative material related to learning all aspects of Judo.
You can also contribute depending upon your expertise in various fields such as:
Proof readers – You job will be to proof read the material we get or produce for magazine.
Since its a community based effort we are always on the look out for good material to be published in the magazine. Your help in writing articles is always appreciated. If you think you can help us in any other way you can feel free to write to us
Please carefully read the following before submitting/writing an article for Love Judo magazine.
First off please make sure that you provide proper licensing information along with your article. We only accept articles that conform to any of the Creative Commons licenses. Since this magazine is not for profit making and it itself is released under Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5. We encourage you to look for your type of license from Creative Commons. Articles without proper license mechanism will not be taken. For more information about the type of license please head to Creative commons license.
If you prefer any other license, just make sure that is specifically says that your article is freely distributable. We will try to publish the license info with every article if possible in the magazine itself.
* Format for the article submission is either ‘plain-text’ , doc or Microsoft Word
* For images PNG or JPG will be preferred
A good article should have a proper title and a small intro paragraph, the rest of the article can be divided into sections and a conclusion at the end. If you have sourced any information, then you should also provide credit for it at the end. You might also want to include links for information similar to your article.
* Always try to write in simple terminology, remember there are many non-English speaking people in the Judo community which can barely read English. If you feel your article uses any advance terminology or concepts, please provide a little explanation about it separately, it will be used in information boxes.
* Providing helpful screen shots, images and captions because it is a nice way to reduce the article complexity and increase readability.
* There is no cap on the size of articles but it is requested that you don’t stretch the information more than it needs to be or make use of more images than text.
* Also take care to introduce possible changes in the topic based on the upcoming changes in the blender for that feature. Although this is not an requirement, it will increase the understanding of the article.

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