The top 7 techniques you should use in a BJJ competition

As BJJ becomes more popular we find that many Judoka are either training in BJJ or just competing in it. Although BJJ is an offshoot of Judo there are some massive differences in technique application. If you have had a few training sessions with BJJ practitioners you would know that they are very very good at ‘taking the back’ and if they get on your back it takes a lot of time and energy to escape the position before they get a chance to secure a submission.
In this article we have found a number of great youtube videos that will help you choose which takedowns to use in BJJ. This first video is one of the most popular takedowns video for BJJ. It discusses 7 throws and takedowns that all BJJ fighters should know:

The next 3 videos come from Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro’s DVD the Takedown Blueprint (which is great by the way)

and the last 2 videos come from Matt D’Aquino Judo for BJJ DVD download series:


For more info on Judo for BJJ check out these 2 resources:



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