One Of The Biggest Mistakes Judo Coaches and Judo Players Make – By Rhadi Ferguson

Biggest-MistakesSome mistakes are so basic that they almost seem silly to mention because you wouldn’t actually think that the pros and the top notch athletes in the sport of Judo make such mistakes. But I’m here to tell you that they most certainly do and its one that, if you are making currently, you should fix immediately.

I had the good fortune of playing college football and the one thing that I can tell you is this. In college football, the coaches film everything. In professional football they film everything. There is never a practice or a training session that isn’t filmed or recorded.


Well, mistakes are made all the time and they can always be fixed. And there are some things which you do and do not necessarily do that you are supposed to be doing which most certainly need to be identified, monitored and assessed. There is no way to achieve maximum improvement without having data to analyze and monitor. As a practitioner in the sport of Judo, some of the most key data which you provide is in your practices. Your movements, your responses, your gripping, your throwing rate, etc.,. These things have to be monitored.

Most athletes and coaches only perform video analyses of in-competition behaviors and make the huge mistake of not monitoring video of in-practice behaviors. The moves and movement iterations which are exhibited during competition are nothing more than a manifestation of what has occurred during practice.

If I told you how many coaches and athletes ALSO do not watch video of competition, you probably would not believe me. But it does happen. Listen, if you make this error in terms of not watching in-practice video as a Judo coach or Judo athlete, please fix it now. And if you are of the faction or number of players who compete without recording and analyzing your matches, please discontinue this practice immediately.

You can become a significantly better Judo player and Judo coach if you stop making this mistake right now.

Here’s what I would recommend.

1. Get a quality tripod and a decent camera. It does not have to be anything fancy.

2. Converse with your coach and let him or her know what you are doing and that you would like to sit down and analyze the film with them at a later date

3. Record the practice

4. Download it to your computer or safe have of choice and date it and log it.

You will be surprised how much better your practices get when they are recorded.

In summation, record and analyze your practices and your competitions. It is important if you want to be the best Judoka or Judo coach possible. – Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is a 2004 Olympian in the sport of Judo a Mixed Martial Arts Coach and Competitor and was nominated for one of USA Judo’s highest coaching awards in 2006, The “Doc” Counsilman Science Award which is for a coach that utilizes scientific techniques and equipment as an integral part of his or her coaching methods or has created innovative ways to use sport science. It is Dr. Rhadi Ferguson’s hope and goal that all persons will study and become better judo players and he has created various judo products to help the masses. One of them being



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