10 reasons why you lose a Judo match

With all of the talk on the blogs, internet, books and magazines about how to win, I thought I’d take a different approach on success in the sport of Judo.

I thought that instead of telling you how to win a judo match, I’d explain how to lose one.


Well Lord knows that I’ve lost a great deal of them so you could say that I’m somewhat of an expert when it comes to losing.

So, that’s what I’m going to tell you about.

Here’s How To Lose A Judo Match

1. You LOSE a judo match by practicing with other losers. Your practice partners are your greatest asset and your greatest crutch.2. You LOSE a judo match by training with other losers. Sharing the training hall with persons with the wrong attitude and motivations can stifle your improvement.

3. You continue to lose matches when you do not review the video of your matches. Not studying and acquiring data for scouting is a sure-fire way to fail.
4. You continue to lose matches when you leave the judo tournament right after you’ve lost instead of staying and watching. Leaving a tournament after losing is the dumbest investment you can make. You have already paid for the tournament. No matter if you are fighting or not you have already paid for it. Fight in it or stay and watch, but do stay until the end of your weight division.
5. You LOSE judo matches by thinking that all you need is better judo in order to win. You can’t drive a car faster and hope that it gets faster. You have to pop the hood and change the engine for it to be able to go faster. The sames goes for your judo career.
6. You LOSE judo matches by refusing to take an in-depth look at the grip fighting game. Gripping is part of judo. Accept it and learn it.
7. You LOSE judo matches by thinking that judo is about throwing. Judo IS NOT ABOUT THROWING YOUR OPPONENT FOR IPPON. (That is only one of the goals of the sport).
8. You LOSE judo matches by treating the sport like a hobby when practicing against people who treat it like a profession. If you treat your career like a hobby, you will get “hobby-esque” type joy out of the sport
9. You LOSE judo matches because you refuse to accept that you are practicing the SPORT of judo, not the martial art of judo. You are practicing the sport. Learn HOW TO WIN.
10. You LOSE for the same reason why people fail tests; because you refuse to study and do your homework. Study! Study! And study some more!

The great thing about this list is that there are some things on here which have been identified that you can immediately fix and work on today and become a better judo player tomorrow.

So now that you know how to win, you can start finding out how to win.

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is a 2004 Olympian in the sport of Judo a Mixed Martial Arts Coach and Competitor and was nominated for one of USA Judo’s highest coaching awards in 2006, The “Doc” Counsilman Science Award which is for a coach that utilizes scientific techniques and equipment as an integral part of his or her coaching methods or has created innovative ways to use sport science. It is Dr. Rhadi Ferguson’s hope and goal that all persons will study and become better judo players and he has created various judo products to help the masses. One of them being Grip to win which is a grip fighting product designed to help you win more fights and understand the importance of grip fighting. http://www.livejudo.com 
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6050903


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