French style Ouchi gari instructionals

Ouchi gari (major inner reaping throw) is a great technique either as a direct attack or as a combination into or out of techniques such as Osoto gari, Harai goshi and Uchimata. Judo greats such as Yamashita and Karen Briggs used Ouchi gari throughout their entire Judo career.

This week on for Love Judo Magazine we have New Zealand National Champion Jason Koster demonstrate his Ouchi gari as a direct attack as well as a feint so he can attain his top grip.

This video is a french instructional by Olympic Medalist Patrick Vial. Along with Yoko Tomoe nage and Newaza Vial also specializes in Ouchi gari.

Here are some more Ouchi instructionals to assist in improving your Ouchi gari:


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